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SparkFund beneficiary set to revolutionise pipeline construction technology with £158k grant.



A pioneering project from North Yorkshire business, Sustainable Pipeline Systems Ltd (SPS) has this month secured an impressive £158k across all three SparkFund grants.

SPS provides solutions for the mobile construction of onshore pipelines for oil, gas, CO2 and water.

Dr Andrew Stevenson, Executive Chairman and Technical Director commented:

We are very pleased to have been awarded these grants by the SparkFund and have been very impressed with their process. We look forward to working with them on the procurement stages and to creating jobs at our new centre in N Yorkshire as we develop our technology to support the energy transition to a low carbon future for the UK and internationally.

Through SparkFund’s Low Carbon R&D grant, SPS can further design and develop innovative new machinery. Innovation and R&D grants will develop state-of the-art monitoring software, hardware, and data dashboards.

The SparkFund Awards Panel found the project to be ‘clearly innovative’ with ‘impressive and ambitious technology’ involved. The project has now been approved and will benefit from a £158k grant across all three SparkFund funding streams.

SparkFund’s support goes beyond its financial contribution. Innovation Managers have worked with SPS to develop a successful grant application, prepare specifications and will now support the procurement of expertise to deliver the project and ensure the best value.

The project is expected to complete in March 2022.

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