To support businesses working with the SparkFund Project, we have set up a dedicated webpage to showcase available opportunities. 

Details of all current opportunities are available below.

Please note that procurement exercises are undertaken by the business direct and this page is designed to facilitate the opportunities only. Please direct any questions to BIDS.spark-fund@hull.ac.uk 

SparkFund have no control over the award of contracts, all decisions will be made by the business.

Development of Vehicle Safety System

Procurement ID - R&D/040/P103

A SparkFund Business would like to commission the services of a suitable qualified and experienced supplier for the below Lots: 

Lot 3 - Electrical Control Unit (ECU) Development

Lot 4 - AirBar Membrane Fabric Developement

Bidders are welcome to bid for one or multiple lots.

Please note that this is a re-tender of a previous opportunity in which lots 1, 2, 5 and 6 were successfully procured.

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