Design & development of an automated liquid flow system

Procurement ID - R&D/005/P079


Brief Description

A SparkFund Business would like to commission the services of a suitable qualified and experienced supplier for the design & development of an automated liquid flow system

Further details will be provided upon completion of stage 1

Note: this procurement exercise is a three-stage process;

Stage 1: registration of interest, completion of a non-disclosure agreement & completion of a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

All bidders are required to complete, sign and return a non-disclosure agreement. Bidders are also required to complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (provided at registration of interest). This document must be completed and included with the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Failure to provide both documents will result in automatic disqualification from the above opportunity.

The following deadlines must be adhered to;

Two signed and fully completed non-disclosure agreements & one completed PQQ sent to the following address by

12 noon on 15th March 2019

FAO – SparkFund (R&D/005/P-079)

Room 004, Enterprise Centre

University of Hull

Cottingham Road




NOTE: Scanned copies will not be accepted, no allowances will be made for agreements sent in the post that arrive past the 12noon deadline on 15th March 2019. The bidder is solely responsible for ensuring original copies are received by the deadline. Please provide an email address in the envelope so that a confirmation email can be sent once received.

Stage 2: Procurement Specification & Bidder Response Document completion

Once stage 1 has concluded, bidders will receive an email informing them if they have passed the pre-qualification process.

19th March 2019 – Procurement Specification, Bidder response document and any additional documents are sent to bidders who have met the requirements of stage 1

2nd April (12 Noon) 2019 – Deadline for submissions

3rd – 5th April 2019 – Assessment of bids

Stage 3: Meetings with top 3 bidders

Once stage 2 has concluded, bidders will receive an email informing them if they have been selected to progress to stage 3.

Week commencing 8th April 2019 – Meetings with up to the top 3 bidders to be held at the bidder’s premises.

12th April 2019 – Intended notification of award (this date may be altered depending on the completion of assessment of bids – update emails will be issued if this occurs)

Bidders are asked to note that the successful bidder will be required to be available for ongoing project progress liaison from conception to completion at the SMEs York offices.

Date Published 

15th February 2019

Return Deadline (Stage 1)

12:00 noon on 15th March 2019

Please provide your email address to download submission documents.

Documents will be made available on this page once you have pressed submit.

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