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Grassroots Economics Workshop

What if we know more about the economy than we think?

How do we learn about the economy in our everyday lives?

How do our families, friends, and our various activities contribute to get to know the economy and how is this knowledge used?

What do we do when what an economic analyst in the mass media says does not fit our economic reality?

How do our personal and collective histories influence us to make decisions about how we work, buy, sell or share something?

How can we work together to support all those types of economic knowledge and use them to protect our natural and human environments and improve our economies and our lives?

The University of Hull and the Energy and Environment Institute are welcoming you to the Grassroots Economics Workshop on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of December 2019. Funded by the British Academy and the Newton Fund, the workshop will be held at the Hull University Business School, Nidd Building, at the University of Hull.

The facilitators of the workshop are Dr Ferda Dönmez-Atbaşı (Ankara University) and Dr Irene Sotiropoulou (University of Hull). The workshop is organized within the framework of the Newton Mobility Grant 160351 of the British Academy.

The aim of the workshop is to provide space and time for anyone who wants to attend, in order to collectively discuss about economic knowledge that exists outside the Departments of Economics and in many cases outside academia whatsoever. The disparities between economic theories and models on the one hand and real economic practice on the other are such that we need to explore how to find and use economic knowledge that represents what most people are experiencing in the economy. For this, it is important to take into account social and historical conditions but also individual and collective identities, like class, gender, race/ethnic origin or ability and the way those affect the economic position, opportunities, constraints and benefits of each person and social group.

The Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull

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This event is sponsored, administered and hosted by the Energy and Environment Institute (EEI) at the University of Hull The Energy and Environment Institute (EEI) gathers together world leading scientists, across an multidisciplinary space, to conduct impactful research on the global challenges presented by environmental change and securing a carbon neutral future. With a portfolio of active research projects and a community of leading academics, the EEI lead on a range of interdisciplinary projects tackling some of the biggest global challenges we face as a global society.

Frequently Asked Qestions

How do I find the Nidd Building?

If you require full details of the campus location you can find them at the campus map

Nidd Building is very close to the West Entrance of the campus, i.e. it is accessible from Cottingham Road.  The event will take place in the Seminar Rooms 1&2 of the Nidd building which is No. 29 on this map.

Is there parking available?

Yes, parking is available on campus in the large campus pay and display car park indicated on the campus map and the charge is just £1. Parking can also sometimes be found on the roads surrounding the campus including Salmon Grove and Cottingham Road.

Is there any registration fee or other costs?

There is no registration fee for the workshop. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for delegates – please add any dietary requirements at the time of registration. Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. The University has some fantastic accommodation options – you can find details and contact information at

For delegates that are coming from outside Hull there is a budget to cover travel expenses, please contact us at and 01482 466561. However, due to budget limitations, travel expenses will be compensated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please, contact or call us at 01482 466561