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Regional businesses have a healthy appetite for growth

Officially launched this week, although it’s early days for innovation support programme, SparkFund,  the team has already been talking to SMEs in the York, North Yorkshire and Humber regions about their business ideas.

David Yates, Innovation Manager at SparkFund said;

“Projects discussed so far have been extremely varied and from a multitude of sectors, including digital, manufacturing, engineering and food. 

There can be a misconception that innovation is all about new product development, however, in a rapidly changing business environment, there has shown to be a real demand from businesses looking to use innovation to respond to this and improve their internal processes or change the ways in which they engage or manage their customers.”

SparkFund supports SMEs in a wide range of industries and has different funding to suit SMEs looking to innovate. Your business idea doesn’t need to change the world; it may just help your business reach that next step in its journey.

As long as you are ready to invest and are ready to take on the challenge of achieving the next step in business, we can support you.

Is it time to spark your ambition? Speak to us today.