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University of Hull

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European Regional Development Fund

Development of a new temporary structure

Procurement ID - LC/006/P164


Brief Description

A SparkFund Business would like to commission the services of a suitably qualified and experienced supplier for the development of a new temporary structure. 

Stage 1: registration of interest, completion of a non-disclosure agreement

All bidders are required to complete, sign and return a non-disclosure agreement. 

The following deadlines must be adhered to;

Deadline for electronic submissions: 12 noon on 26 June 2020

NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, NDAs for this opportunity will be accepted by return email. Potential bidders should submit the completed NDA to

Your NDA must feature a signature, this should be uploaded to the document. A typed signature will not be accepted. 

Stage 2: Procurement Specification & Bidder Response Document completion

Details of stage two will be released once stage one has concluded


Date Published 

12 June 2020

Return Deadline (Stage 1)

12:00 noon on 26 June 2020

Please provide your email address to download submission documents.

Documents will be made available on this page once you have pressed submit.

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