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P264 - New online service, customer portal and ERP system

Procurement ID - IVS/160/P264

Brief Description

We are seeking to appoint a supplier to design, develop, build and test our own bespoke customer portal and supporting operational ERP system, that will enable the business to improve their internal processes and allow them to offer a new technical online service to their existing and new clients.

The company is looking for a sole supplier (software developer/ IT consultant / software company), 

Initial details on the proposed contract are provided below. Detailed required will be provided on completion of an NDA. Please register your details below to obtain the NDA documentation. 

• The project to be completed over 6 months, dependent how much resource the service provider is able to place on the project. Bidders must provide a clear breakdown of their proposed timeframes and approaches within their bidder response.

• We understand the standard approach to this type of build is to work in sprints, however we are flexible on our approach, we expect the supplier to provide details of their approach in the bid documents.

• The successful supplier will need to identify any equipment and the technical specifications required to run and complete this project. However, the hardware will be advertised as a separate procurement activity (once all the equipment has been identified).

• We are seeking a supplier with extensive understanding of Microsoft business and Windows PowerApps technology (or equivalent) to utilise with our scope and connect with other Windows technology. Associated costs e.g. licenses fee for the build are expected to be included in the supplier bid.

• The successful supplier of this procurement bid will need to identify any additional licenses required to host the system. The company wishes to purchase any hosting costs these directly-(i.e. not via the successful supplier) therefore hosting costs do NOT form part of this procurement bid but maybe subject to a separate procurement activity.

• Whilst we would expect to own any IP on our finished product and to be able to access our code on the finished product. We understand it is common practice to use existing “platform” or existing code from other projects/ alongside Windows Apps technology in order to keep costs down. We also understand that suppliers may wish to use parts of our final code for future projects. Subject to final agreement, we are in principle open to this approach.

• For this procurement, the final price should be a fixed price to include all costs, including (but not exclusively) consultancy fee/ time; testing/installation of equipment/ installation of software/ integration of system/all data transfer and testing.

Please note that this opportunity is launched under an NDA. This must be completed to be considered for the opportunity. Completed NDAs must be submitted to prior to the below deadline. No further details on the opportunity will be provided until after successful completion of an NDA

Please be aware that completion of this NDA does not guarantee invitation to stage two, this decision is solely down to the SME  

Deadline for responses 12 noon on 01 August 2022

Specification & Response Documents will be released after the closing date

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